St John Ambulance

St.John Ambulance is a social welfare society which gives first aid to the people when an Emergency.This society is rarely found in our country, but we  have that chance to have this type of social welfare society in  our school.

It was  started  in 1993 in our school. At that time there were 60 members.The leader of this society is Mr.A.L.Mammanifa. This organization was started with the aim of  the first aid service .The main objective is social service.

Especially from grade 1 to 9 students are treated about their health.The age between 13 to 18 students are selected for cadet sector and the students above 18 years are selected for the open division.

From begining to till now 18 camps were held. Specially first 6 camps were held in Ibbagamuwa Central College and others were held in Bammanakotuwa Isipathana Maha Vidyalaya. It gives more uses to the students in their practical life.

From start to now more than 1000 students were trained for these compaign.Foriegn trainers for this Campaign is Juanita Institution. The Special members who were trained by this Johanita institution are

M. Nawufar, A.P. Miroosha, N.M. Faris and

former special members are M.C.M. Arif
M.M. Faizal
M.S.M. Siyam
A.C. Hasan
A. Sulfika
M.H. Rihana

And we have the Emergency Service ambulance also. And they provide there service to the village people and for the school student and for all the schools in the Kurunegala district will get the Training for this Campaign. Now the Kurunegala District Assistance Officer and the Johanita First Aid Trainer is Mr. .L Mammahanifa.This campaign serves all the people’s without any difference and without the aim of Profit earning. This is purely a Social Welfare Society and we are proud to have this Society in our School.

(This artcle was written long ago and will be updated soon)