About Madeena


Madeena lies at Siyambaagskotuwa on the Narammala-Wariyapola road between Kadahapola and Katupota in the district of Kurunegala, North Western province.It stands by the grand mosque, Masjidul Jelalillah.


The worthy cause of founding this school was done by the grand mosque in the area, Masjidul Jelalillah, in 1953 under a temporary thatched building with two volunteer teachers and 74 students. In 1954, it became a formal mixed school with R Joseph as a principal to its 104 students. On the 3rd January 1956, it was given permission to run classes up to grade six with 174 children and 4 teachers. In 1961, Madeena was promoted to be a secondary school running classes up to O/Levels. At that time that strength had gone up to 267 students and 10 teachers. In 1971, it became a Muslim Maha Vidyalaya, a state school with all classes at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. It was a 1 C school. In 1992, Madeena was upgraded to be a 1 AB school with the introduction of science education at A/Levels. In April 1994, ir climbed the highest rung of the Sri Lankan school system, a national school.


  • To obey and work towards the aims and objectives of Sri Lanka
  • To produce the pool of professionals the society is in need of
  • To bring about a society which respect human beings.
  • To make the students of Madeena lead a healthy life Here and Hereafter


  • Having made a thatched building a leading national school within fifty years.
  • Having introduced A/Level science education in a area like Siyambalagaskotuwa
  • Having produced the pool of professionals the community needs
  • Having brought its football team up to the national level
  • Having had all the physical resources a state school can have in Sri Lanka
  • Having introduces a English Medium education from Grade 6
  • Having improved a unique school culture
  • Having made a favorite school of the people in Sri Lanka


The teachers, students and the parents are the most valuable assets of Madeena. Dedicated teachers and such parents are available on tap at the table of the principal. So are the past pupils. Madeena is a home to 2000 odd students from various parts of the Island.